5 Types of Investments That Are Advantageous For Families, Can Be For Beginners!

5 Types of Investments That Are Advantageous For Families, Can Be For Beginners!
5 Types of Investments That Are Advantageous For Families, Can Be For Beginners!

Investment is the activity of capital investment to be able to be withdrawn in the future at greater value. In short, through investment, one hopes the value of an asset will increase over time. Investment assets can be in the form of power, time, gold, stock, rexadana and so on. You are again confused as to which investment is profitable for the department.an? Relax, this condition is quite natural among beginners, right. Choosing an investment that can provide a huge return is definitely a top choice for everyone. Because as we know, one of the goals a person invests in is certainly because it wants to get a profit that could improve financial conditions.

But behind the shadow of such enormous profits, activities also certainly have a risk of loss to be aware of. Therefore, make sure that you actually choose the right investment instrument and can produce a benefit according to financial purposes.

Types of Profitable Investments for Families

Basically, there are various types of profitable investments that you can make select the current. But being profitable doesn’t mean what’s best for you, does it? Well, if you’re a beginner and want to invest to meet the basic needs of the family, here are some of the options of profitable and best investment types.

Investment in stocks

Stock investment is known as a type of investment capable of delivering to The profit is great, but it also has a great risk of loss anyway (low return, high risk. Therefore for those of you who want to jump into stock investment, it takes knowledge and good analytical skills. You can study with the pack and run tips for start-up investment participants. Right now, there’s an awful lot of educational content related to this that you can find online. As a novice investor, on this type of investment you are advised to buy stocks from blue chip companies, which are large companies that are hundreds of years old and tend to be stable. If you’ve mastered the science and method of analysis in choosing a good stock issuer, then it’s not impossible if you’ll be able to make a large amount of profit. However, keep in mind that stock investment also has a high risk of loss so you have to remain careful and don’t jump on people’s bandwagon to buy certain stock issuers.

Gold investment

Gold prices that tend to be stable, make gold investments often as one of the favourable and minimal types of investments for start-up investors. In addition, currently gold investments can also be made online through Gimje, Antam, and marketplace Gold Savings products and only need small capital. This is because you can buy precious metals with a minimum of 0.01 grams only. That way, you can start investing for the future unnecessarily reach into one’s cock too deep It is just that this investment in precious metals or gold generally has to be made over the long term such as more than five years or even 10 years in order for the profits to be greater.

Land and property

Land and property being the next profitable type of investment. This type of investment is also arguably very potentially managed for future family economic needs. Why is that? The low tax imposed on this type of investment makes people vying to own property assets in strategic places. In addition, land and property are also one of everyone’s primary needs until at any time for housing needs, so will get more expensive year by year. Investment in housing, construction, rental houses, apartments, office buildings, hotels and so on constitutes a very potential property investment share to run. Especially if these buildings are located in the center of the that makes the price higher. Families who have ta investment assets Well and property is also very likely to get a profitable passive income into old age.


A bond or letter of debt constitutes one of the investment instruments that capable of generating relatively large returns, as well as having a lower risk of loss compared to stock investments. Bonds are debt securities issued by both corporations and government agencies as a form of borrowing money that will then be paid back the amount of the principal price of the debt along with the interest or terms of the coupon. In addition, the percentage of returns in the form of coupons from investment in is rated fairly stable, so it could be an investment option for start-ups.


Rexadana Forgotten one of the investment instruments that is a favorite of many, be it a novice investor and who is already an expert in addition to stock investment. The reason, is because the rexadana has a number of products that would be able to be selected by prospective investors according to its risk profile. Repository products themselves are divided into several types such as money market repository, stock repository, fixed income repository, and mixed repository. In addition, redevelopment investment is also considered the safest compared to stock or bond investment types, as funds collected from financiers are invested directly in the portfolio of effects managed by investment managers.

That is, funds the funds collected from the financiers, while the investment manager is the trusted party to manage the funds until they make a profit. Therefore, for those of you who want to invest in a reputable instrument, make sure you choose the right investment manager and have a good track record. Meanwhile, speaking of profitability, repeaters do have a smaller percentage of return compared to stock and bond investments.


Advantages an become the most anticipated thing of investment activities. However, in order to make the profits more multiplied, you can take advantage of those benefits by jumping into the business sector. Even so, choose promising business sectors such as education businesses that will not be dead until at any time. Because education becomes one of the needs of society that will continue to be sought until anytime.

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