Getting to Know Rexadana Products and How to Develop Wealth!

Rexadana is one of the investment instruments that now became a favorite of many, both novice investors and already expert investors. There are many rexadana products that investors can choose according to their characteristics. As it is well known that choosing an investment instrument should fit the investor’s characteristics or risk profile. The goal is so that your investment can generate maximum returns. That way, your wealth will continue to grow.

If you already know the characteristics appropriate to The next risk profile understand what rexadane products are right for you. Here’s a quick review.

Getting to Know About Rexadana Products

Types of rexadane products

There are several types of rexadana investment that could be chosenan. But in Indonesia, there are four types of rensadana that are popular because they can provide huge benefits. Anything at all? The following are:

  1. Money Market Revenues
    Money market renown becomes an investment option for or novice, because this one instrument is known for its minimal risk character. However, the benefits offered are quite large which is above deposit interest. Investment in the cash market is the majority of its funds allocated to the securities sector that falls under one year, such as Bank of Indonesia certificates and deposit certificates. Here’s an explanation: Bank Indonesia certificate is a securities issue by country. Generally, SBI has a time period of 1-12 months. Investors will get rewards in accordance with interest rate levels generated from Bank Indonesia’s auction. Certificate of deposit is securities issued banks to customers who invest capital in deposit instruments. On the certificate it also says the due period along with the interest rate level.
  2. Retirement of Retained Income
    This type of rexadana that this one is known to give return large even on top of the money market reputation but with minimal risk. The reason is, income recoup investment remains in play in the long-term debt securities sector. Meanwhile, fixed income investment allocates its funds to government-owned and private bond instruments whose movements are more stable. Bonds are debt securities issued by both the government and private companies given to investors as proof-of-debt holdings. For example, you buy government-owned bonds then government owes you and government guarantees to investors in coupon form, where coupon is containing fall tempo along with flowers that are poached It’s not like you’re right.
  3. Mixed Rexadane
    Mixed rexadana, generally recommended for investors that has moderate characteristics. Because this type of rexadana also transfers some of its funds to the stock sector, therefore the risk of mixed rexadana is higher than that of fixed income. As the name suggests, mixed recessions divert investor funds to some sectors of the capital market such as stocks, bonds and money markets.
  4. Repurchase of Shares
    The stock market continues to be the choice of special investors make those who have aggressive characters. Because, high risk high returns become a stock reputation character. Thus, the benefits and risks received by investors are equally large. That is because most of its funds are diverted to stock instruments. The stock market allocates most investor funds to the stock sector and the rest to the money market. Stocks are securities on the ownership of a company’s value. So, the stock investors have the right to monopolize the company. However, the size of the portion of its management rights depends on the number of shares held.

How to calculate the rexadana profit

In order for you to be more confident about investing in real estate, the following example case along with the calculation of the return on fixed income. Check out below:

Albert works for a private company with a salary of Rp 4 million. Albert plans to jump into the investment world to achieve financial freedom. So, Albert chose to invest capital in the fixed income sector with a monthly budget of Rp 400 thousand or 10 percent of his income.

  • Capital: Rp 400 thousand X 12 months = Rp 4.8 million
  • Term: one year
  • Return by Bareksa: 30.76 percent
  • Fee investment manager amounting to Rp 50,000

Accordingly, the profits Albert invested in rexadana fixed income for one year amounted to IDR 4,800,000 X 30.76 percent = IDR 1,476,580. However, the amount has not been reduced with an investment manager fee of Rp 50,000. That way, Albert’s total net profit amounted to IDR 1,476,580 rp IDR 50,000 = IDR 1,426,480.

So, the total money Albert earned from the profits and capital is Rp 4,800,000 + Rp 1,426,480 = Rp 6,226,480.

How to develop wealth

in addition to diverting wealth to investors, you can also fold the money you have by jumping into the business sector. It’s common secret that business becomes one way to earn a big income. That can be seen from the large number of richest people who come from doing business. Like the wealthiest people in Indonesia according to Forbes, Hartono brothers who own up to US$ 38.8 billion or IDR 545 trillion through various businesses they own, ranging from cigarettes to property. Therefore, you can take advantage of the benefits of your investment to pioneer the business and collaborate with Pinterest to spread your business wings.

Overflow of Reckills

  • Small Investment Capital, With Rp100.00 only0 can already invests at the recoup
  • Already Diversified, One unit of mutual funds have a component of some investment instruments. Assignment of funds in multiple instrument the investment will lower the risk of loss in the event of a price drop in one particular sector
  • Flexible, Reckonable funds to invest in various time frames.
  • Professionally Managed, By buying rexadana of funds, money being invest will be managed by professional investment manager and certified.
  • Transparent and Secure, Ascension information information a drop in unit prices it is publicized both through print and from. Investor funds will kept by a third party, Custodian Bank and supervised by OJK.
  • Netto Investment Results, Results of investment on the mutual funds are clean of taxes and transaction fees.
  • Practical, Recruitment transactions can be done in a manner online. In addition, purchases can also be made regularly and automatic with autodebet.
  • High Liquidity, Investors can recoup in time brief without having to think of the difference in selling price and prevailing market when transacted.

Shortage of Reckoning

Although classified in an easy investment, The mutual funds also still have some shortcomings. As for to the curbs of the mutual funds :

  • Liquidity Risk, disbursement of mutual funds takes 2-7 h time work from the time an order is given until funds enter the account an investor.
  • Investment Cost, Expense ratio is welder cost indicator a mutual fund by an investment manager charged to an investor.
  • Performance Risk, gag investment manager refund advantage to investors as a result of both selection and the management of that effect not reasonably.
  • Ownership Risk, Yan’s mutual fund product bought and can in stock assets or debt securities of a company, not direct a status of as the owner of such asset instruments.
  • Closing of the Recourse, Dissolution of mutual funds the result of the presence of a mountaineer based on OJK observations until ultimately failed to pay off an to investors. This can also happen if the amount of funds managed falls below the minimum value.


Thus articles on Getting to Know Rexadana Products and How to Develop Wealth! Hopefully this article will add to your insight into rexadana. Thank you.

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