Investment for Beginners: How It Works, Instrument Recommendations and Simulates Its Benefits!

Not a few think that investment is intended only for people the whittling of one’s mouth Whereas now there are countless effect instruments that can start with small capital and can be selected as investments for start-ups. Although investment can make you have abundant wealth, investment is also known for risk. Small wonder if the term high risk high return is already a characteristic of investment.

Therefore, before you decide to invest in one of the instruments effect, the importance of you learning investment to make the most profit and avoid risk of loss. Well, for those of you who are interested in knowing the right way to invest, it’s best to understand in advance the understanding of investment until simulating the profit calculation. Go straight to the review below.

Investment for Beginners

What is an investment?

Investment is one way or method that a person makes to add the amount of wealth he has. So, you as an investor infuse a certain amount of money into the investment instrument and get a profit from the interest offered. For example, you invest in state retail bonds of Rp. 10 million and earn a flat interest profit of 6.2 percent each month. So, those profits are what make your wealth grow even more.

Therefore it is no wonder that many who choose to make money pass by. an investment. Not even a few of them dare to throw in large sums of money to earn lucrative profits. But you don’t have to worry because you can also invest with minimal capital. The benefits offered can also be maximized, as long as you are consistent and patient. Even Warren Buffett says that one of the keys to successful investment is patient and consistent.

How investment works

It should be noted that the investment excellence of rexadana, namely investor funds, will be consolidated by investment manager. So you just have to sit tight at home and wait for your money to multiply. But to better understand how rexadana works, here are the steps in outline:

  • Discharge funds to the managing agency or publisher of familiar rexadana products under the name of an investment manager.
  • Investment managers divert funds from customers to a number of dip effect products be chosen by investors.
  • Furthermore, investors can enjoy the return of funds that have already been embezzled. Not only that, they will also obtain reports containing product performance, asset composition, and effect portfolios submitted by investment managers on a regular basis.

Investment instrument recommendations for start-ups

There are several effect instrument recommendations that you can choose when you want to start learning investment. Not only is the capital small, but the risks you bear are also not great. Anything at all? The following are:

  1. Gold Investment

Until now, gold investment has remained the prima donna of many people who want to reap much profit by investing. The reason is, this type of investment is that the movement is stable due to inflation even the price of gold every year continues to rise. Unfortunately, not a few people are reluctant to jump into gold investment given its considerable capital. But now you don’t have to worry anymore, because now you can become a gold investor just by spending tens of thousands of rupiahs. The way that is with the gold savings.

What is gold savings?

Even though it’s called gold saving doesn’t mean you save in gold, you save in order to get gold. So you can buy a minimum of 0.01 grams of gold that can be purchased at Gimje. If the price of gold is as big as RP 1 million, then by spending Rp 10 thousand you can already have gold.

  1. Money market reputation

The current money market reputation is becoming increasingly popular among investors due to its ever-increasing performance. In addition, the money market reputation is also known for minimal risk and capital, even could begin with only issued Rp. 50 thousand in capital.

Although the return offered is not as large as the stock repurchase, it is interest on deposit. For example, in 2019, investment manager company Sucorinvest Sharia Money Market was able to iron out gain up to 7.06 percent. Profitable isn’t it? The money market reputation, therefore, diverts the funds of customers or investors to the securities sector with a maturity of under one year and other securities.

  1. Bonds

Although it’s not as popular as gold investment, bonds are one of the pretty promising instruments, you know. Because in addition to getting guarantees from the government, bonds are also known for their risks the low and also the flat.

For example, retail bonds that give interest of 6.4 percent, as well as savings bonds with floating interest account for 6.75 percent. Generally, to invest in this one you just must setting up funds amounting to Rp. 2 million and will benefit every month until the due time expires.

Simulation of profit calculation

For you to be more confident and excited eager to infuse your wealth in the capital market. Here’s a simulation of the calculation of the benefits you will gain. We take the example of a money market renown yes. If you’re a worker earning IDR 10 million a month. What nominal money do you have to spend to invest? According to a financial expert as well as a professor at Harvard University, Elizabeth Warren, ideally you divide your income into three financial posts. Which is 50 percent for daily necessities, 20 percent shifted to investment and saving and 30 percent for lifestyle necessities.

So, you are advised to suggest deposit money each month amounting to Rp. 1 million for investment. Then, how much profit do you get if you invest in the money market? As reported from Bareksa’s official website, the performance of the money market reform in the past one year was 8.69 percent managed by investment manager Danareksa Seruni Syariah Money Market.

Rp 1 million X 12 months = Rp 12 juta

With a capital of Rp. 12 million per known, you get a profit of Rp 12 million X 8.69 percent = Rp 1,042,800. However, this profit has not been deducted from the investment manager’s fee of IDR 50 thousand. Therefore, the net profit you get is IDR 1,042,800 rp IDR 50 thousand = IDR 992,800.

How to develop your wealth

The plunge into the world of investment indeed can give abundant wealth. Well, to keep your money growing, you can shift your investment profits to playing in the business sector. However, it should be noted that one of the success factors in business is to choose the business field that many people always seek and need, such as business in education. Education is every need for a provision for the future. To make your business more successful and growing, you can apply for a loan with a technology finance company that is indeed an easier and faster process of progress.


Thus the article on Invest for Beginners: How to Work, Recommend Instruments and Simulate the Benefits! Hopefully this article will help you who are studying investment. Thank you.

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